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About Us

Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it.

Our Staff

Here we might include a list of names of some of the people who run our organization. We might also include a picture and brief description of their background and interests. For example:

Himanshu Jain

Himanshu Jain, a Post Graduate (MSc) in Pharmaceutical Technology ventured with King's College London Alumni Office on 11 April 2000 to start KCL India.
Join KCL India in a big way and ask any Indian Allumnus of KCL to join KCL India.

Our Programs

If we offer programs or services, we'll include a list of them here.

Our Location

We'll put our address and directions to our office here.
Mr. Himanshu Jain
KCLA India
B-83 Sector 30
NCR Delhi